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What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic drug since the 1960's, where it was used on the battlefields of Vietnam. However, in recent years research has discovered ketamine has another use. The drug can be used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS), Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other possible mood disorders. At lower doses than used in anesthesia, ketamine has shown positive results in treatment of severe depression, when other treatments and anti-depressants have failed. It can also reduce pain and help with dependency on painkillers which can be addictive. Initial ketamine treatments are given through a series of intravenous (IV) infusions over 40 minutes to 1 hour and continuing over a course of two weeks easing symptoms of depression and/or pain in just a few hours. Maintenance doses will be discussed after evaluation of initial treatment period.


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